Fornite! A crazy popular battle royale game that you’ve probably heard of or play. I was originally contacted and granted with the incredible opportunity to create a loading screen depicting Indiana Jones and his introduction into the game. This was a ton of fun and after going over the details and seeing some of the work being done by the art department I quickly got to sketching out some ideas.

Working with the art director at Epic was an incredible experience, and getting to go back and forth and get really creative with ideas and exploring the composition was a lot of fun!

Loading screen painting for Fortnite – Epic Games

Eventually we came to the the final piece that depicted both a more realistic image of Indy and the more cartoony elements from Fortnite. I was really happy with how this came out and was very excited to add it to my in game collection once it was released.

A year later I was contacted again, this time to do a Star Wars loading screen (dream come true), to celebrate May the 4th. The game would be introducing 4 new characters to the game and I was given the opportunity to create my own movie style poster to represent this. After some back and forth with licensing and the AD, we settled on the design below and it is one of the few pieces I’ve done that I am extremely proud of.

Loading screen painted for Fortnite – Epic Games
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