Week 6

Hello and welcome! Here’s a rundown of what happened over the past week, in case you missed it:

week6I’ve always loved to work in black and white, and I thought a good way to provide affordable original artwork is to do black and white sketch cards. I started last week with some Game of Thrones cards, and this week I decided to work on a few Doctor Who and Sherlock themed cards. They seemed to go over well on my Facebook page, and I enjoyed them very much so look out for more in the future.


society6Some time was spent on opening up a Society6 store so that I can offer some prints without having to do any of the printing/cutting/shipping that can be very time consuming. Currently I’m offering some of my 5″ x 7″ paintings in a format that allows them to be blown up larger. I take very high resolution scans of my artwork so that I can use it later in print. I haven’t had time to setup the prints on merchandise yet, but that is a possibility in the future.

yoda_finalI finished this Yoda painting this week, I’ve just been waiting for the paint to dry before I scan it and put in my storefront. It should be there within the next couple of days. I really enjoy oil painting at this size. It isn’t as constricting as the sketch cards, but it is still small enough that I can finish a full painting in a short amount of time.


BKenney_RodeoWrangler_lowresBKenney_RodeoWrangler_conceptA few weeks ago ConTV contacted me to create a concept for a contest they are running. The contest involves a vote for each of the 50 states to choose a State Super Hero or Super Villain. The character assigned to me is for Wyoming and is called The Rodeo Wrangler. I created the artwork from a traditional sketch and then scanned it and painted it digitally. It’s nice to get away from the oil and acrylic every now and then and do something a little outside my normal comfort zone. This isn’t something I plan on doing a lot of, but I do like to keep my options open, and sometimes it’s very relaxing to create an entirely new character like this.

week6Here are some of the sketches posted on Instagram and Facebook throughout the week. Please consider following me on those sites to see the work when it is first posted!




And lastly, here is the original artwork that was sold this week:

week6soldI’m so grateful to everyone for their kind words and support! The past few weeks have been amazing and I have more artistic energy now than I have in a long time!

See you next week.

2 thoughts on “Week 6

  1. Awesome job on the Yoda, I really like the textures on it. I love that about oil based work and you are knocking it out of the park! Can’t wait to see the Boba!!


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