Week 7

This week I’ve been working hard on a few things that aren’t ready to show. The first of which is a sketch cover comission, it is putting me through my paces and I’m being cautious (possibly too cautious) because I worry about making a mistake. Fear and art aren’t the best combination so I’ve alsoContinue reading “Week 7”

Week 6

Hello and welcome! Here’s a rundown of what happened over the past week, in case you missed it: I’ve always loved to work in black and white, and I thought a good way to provide affordable original artwork is to do black and white sketch cards. I started last week with some Game of ThronesContinue reading “Week 6”

Week 5

I wasn’t able to post an update last week like I had hoped. I was out of town and I currently lack the tools and know how to be able to post from the road. I thought I could figure it out, hopefully I can get a better system implemented for future trips.   TheContinue reading “Week 5”

Week 4 – Rey, Maul, Yoda.

Welcome to week 4! I can’t express how much fun I’ve been having this past month, or how overwhelmed I am with all the positive response. Everyone has been incredible and I am in a place where I feel so inspired every morning to work on art! This past week I started some new 5″x7″Continue reading “Week 4 – Rey, Maul, Yoda.”

Week 3 – Grodd, Carrie Fisher, Gandalf.

It’s the third week of my new format. It’s nice to have a place to recap all my work throughout the week to remind myself that I was productive! The week started with a new digital painting I did of The Flash. I don’t work purely digital very often, so this was kind of newContinue reading “Week 3 – Grodd, Carrie Fisher, Gandalf.”