Week 5

I wasn’t able to post an update last week like I had hoped. I was out of town and I currently lack the tools and know how to be able to post from the road. I thought I could figure it out, hopefully I can get a better system implemented for future trips.   The … Continue reading Week 5

Weekly recap.

I’ve decided start a routine of regular Saturday posts on this page. I might still throw in something extra during the week, but I want to have a consistent update every Saturday. Generally these updates will be a compilation of what I’ve gotten done in the past week. So with that out of the way, … Continue reading Weekly recap.

Process of Maul.

I wanted to post a little step by step process behind creating this 6ft tall banner that I used at Star Wars Celebration this year. I didn’t leave myself much time to get it done so the following process takes place in about a week and a half. Step 1 – The basic thumbnail sketches. … Continue reading Process of Maul.

Settling in.

Today was the first day I returned to a normal routine after the whirlwind that was Celebration. I just can’t say enough about how much fun I had and what a cool experience it all was. In fact I’m pretty sure people are tired of hearing me geek out about it all. When I applied … Continue reading Settling in.

A new site!

I’m happy to have migrated back to a WordPress site. I enjoyed having the store from BigCartel but missed having a place to put detailed blogs and step by step processes. The site is very much a work in progress but I encourage you to check back often as I hope to have it fully … Continue reading A new site!