Settling in.

Today was the first day I returned to a normal routine after the whirlwind that was Celebration. I just can’t say enough about how much fun I had and what a cool experience it all was. In fact I’m pretty sure people are tired of hearing me geek out about it all.

When I applied to be a part of the show last year it was really a shot in the dark. I expected not to make it, and I thought if I did it would be amazing, but preparing myself NOT to get accepted was important. However, now that I’ve experienced it and met all the amazing people involved I really feel like I would be devastated if I don’t get invited back next year in London.

Anyway back in the studio and I’m completely inspired and renewed with a sense of “anything is possible” now. I have so many ideas swirling around that the hardest part will be to plan everything out and focus my efforts! The first step was rebuilding my website so I have place to put my words! Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and Tumblr are all great in their own ways, but I need this place to just pour out my unfiltered thoughts. So far it’s coming along and I’m happy with the layout, but I expect it will be going through several changes in the next few weeks.

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